Sun's Out, Guns Out! Get Your Stream Machine Water Launchers Here!

The reviews are in! Everyone from backyard warriors to poolside pirates and beach bandits are raving about the arsenal of water weaponry available at the Stream Machine Store. Stream Machine Water Launchers have evolved into a summertime necessity. If you aren't dousing the opposition with copious amounts of h2o then you aren't living, my friends. Lucky for you, we've just restocked our online catalogue with the finest watery weaponry available. We've got Stream Machine Water Launchers, Water Canons, Water Bazookas, Squirt Guns, Water Balloons and everything in between to satisfy your water drenching needs.

The Stream Machine TL-750 Water Launcher: Versatile, Efficient, a Classic

Wanna spray some watery vengeance on those neighborhood kids or drops some h2o bombs on some unsuspecting friends? We've got you more than covered. The Stream Machine TL-750 Water Launcher covers all of the necessary bases one would associate with elite water weaponry. Firing distance? This baby can reach up to 70 ft. while firing 3/8 in. of liquid fury. Ease of use? This water launcher is lightweight and easy to reload. Simply dunk the water gun in water, submerge the barrel and then pull back the handle. Appearance? If you're all about style and function then you'll be happy to know that this water launcher is available in four, count em' four colorways.

Stream Machine DB-1500 Water Launcher: The Ideal Water Shotty

I know what you're saying. 'That sounds amazing and all, but what if I want something with a little more kick?' Well, we'd call you crazy, but we just so happen to accommodate and even specialize in crazy to an extent (Have you seen the Stream Machine QF-2000 Water Launcher? We're nuts!) We'd also suggest the Stream Machine DB-1500 Water Launcher? This water shotty features the same strengths of the previous water launcher, but adds an additional barrel. We don't know about you, but around these parts, two barrels translates to less of an opportunity to miss! If you're missing at this point then maybe you should just hang up the water launchers and settle for something a little less discrete. Stream Machine Water Balloons are lightweight, durable and deliver enough splash damage to soak multiple targets.