Stream Machine Outdoor Toys & Backyard Games: A Summertime Festival in the Backyard

The beginning of summer definitely feels a bit different these days. We understand how a lot of folks may feel somewhat limited in how they choose to spend their summer days and nights. While it may feel like summer’s been put on ice, we’re here to remind you that there are plenty of exciting summer activities for you and your family to explore. The Stream Machine Store offers a large selection of Outdoor Toys and Backyard Games that can be enjoyed in the comfort and safety of your own backyard and driveway.

Stream Machine Water Tag Sets: Keeping Score on a Summertime Favorite

We’ll probably never grow tired of telling you how amazing Stream Machine Water Launchers really are and how they’re capable of providing the quintessential summertime experience of dousing friends and family members from close and great distances. We’re always looking to update and integrate features into out selection of water gun toys. That being said, did you know we feature a water tag set that actively measures how much h2o one takes during the course of a battle? Designed for two players, the Stream Machine Water Tag Set with Water Launchers transform ordinary water gun fights into competitive water gun battles! This set includes matching stream machine water launchers and vests. The vests are adjustable and features a visible component that actively measures how much water the vest absorbs. When the meter reaches full capacity, it’s game over!

Stream Machine Bocce Ball Set & Water Sports Games: Outdoor Classics Revisited

The Stream Machine Store offers a large selection of summertime favorites that have been enhanced to provide even more entertainment. The Stream Machine Lighted Bocce Ball Set is designed for four players and can be enjoyed day or night. When your evening begins, simply flip the ON button built into each bocce ball. An illumination feature turns this outdoor classic into a game that can be experienced and enjoyed for hours on end regardless of the time. The Stream Machine Water Sports Collection enhances the classics by integrating a water absorbing feature that will feel right at home in any backyard or swimming pool. Itza Volleyballs, Basketballs, Footballs and an assortment of others add a watery element to all of your favorite sports.

Stream Machine Outdoor Toys and Water Accessories are available for online purchase at the Stream Machine Store.